Death at the Doorstep 

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What Readers are Saying About Death at the Doorstep

“A page turner. Highly recommended.”

“I know what this year’s presents to my reading pals are going to be."​

“The serpentine plot and eccentric characters make this a must read. Couldn’t put it down.”

"Death At The Doorstep works because it includes an ensemble of amateur sleuths, and great dialogue in a setting where murders are rare and the menace courteous. Yet, underneath it all, it is a mystery of civil outrage. Outrage not only over the consequences of murder, but more ominously over the manipulations of the monied and powerful in a political system where even the voting machines can be manipulated."

"So well-written, the author kept me guessing til the end. So much wonderful local color, well-developed characters I look forward to seeing in mystery novel #2. Highly recommend!"

"Skillfully written. I hope there will be many more in this great new series from a clever and articulate new novelist."

"Death at the Doorstep is a book for readers who, in addition to demanding a good plot, enjoy savoring words. How often have you read almost to the end of a page in a mystery novel and turned it before finishing the text because you knew how the sentence or paragraph would end? You won’t do that here: Clichés are at a minimum. Linda Fitzgerald, as new novelists should, writes about what she knows best and one of those things is Ann Arbor. As a University of Michigan grad, I was pleased to see that her depiction of Ann Arbor, possibly the quintessential American college town, is spot on, The book is packed with interesting, well-rounded characters of both genders, two animals and a couple of possible ectoplasmic spirits for good measure. Fitzgerald’s main character, Karen Niemi, a professional writer and mystery lover turned amateur detective, has great potential for further adventures. The book ends in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, a spot that obviously is dear both to her detective and Fitzgerald herself. I hope there will be another Niemi novel that sends her on the hunt for evil doers from the shores of Lake Superior in the UP to the locker room of the University of Michigan’s football team or the kitchen of Krazy Jim’s Blimpy Burger in Ann Arbor."

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